Rock ’n’ Soul Sobriety –  

JULY 19, 2019 – It was thrilling! very fun, one of those things… you get the opportunity to play a show like that in a venue like the Superdome at home, and things just seem to click and go well. We had a blast, I gotta tell you… coming up to the day of the show, waiting to do the show, especially with the storm and all of that, and how it had been postponed before from Jazzfest, the anticipation of doing this gig was nerve-wracking, but once we were in there, we were in there. Once we started playing the first song, we knew it was gonna be a good little set and a great night!” What was it like to meet the headliners backstage?

“I did have an opportunity to see them back there and have a few words… we made small talk. They didn’t have a lot of time, I saw both of them after our set so they were on their way to go play pretty soon but I got to see Keith for a little while before that and say how you doing, how’s the family and all that.” Neville played keys for two Rolling Stones albums, and is also part of Richard’s solo band Expensive Winos. What was it like to tour with him?

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