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August 3, 2018 – Several people have already been hospitalised in the US after the sweets have become popular shopping malls and fun fairs. The frosty dessert has sparked a flurry of YouTube and Instagram videos — often posted by teenagers — showing off their “smoke” breathing techniques in recent months. But experts are warning that Dragon’s Breath can cause frostbite, skin tissue damage and suffocation. In New York state, Suffolk County Commissioner of Health Services James Tomarken released a statement slamming the sweets … “Liquid nitrogen can cause damage to a person’s skin and internal organs and, if inhaled, it can cause asphyxiation (lack of oxygen).” Johnny McKenny, aged seven, from Jacksonville, Florida, was rushed to hospital after eating one of the sweets. The little boy, who has asthma, was left struggling to breath after chewing on the frozen candy. His mum Racheal said:  “My son could have died”, reports The Mirror.

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