Survey says… –

Nov. 15, 2019 – When I drank before my sobriety, I had drank with the intention of getting drunk. I rarely cared about the quality of alcohol that I was consuming.  Like any good alcoholic, I cared only about its cost and effectiveness. But now that I have been living a sober lifestyle it is uncomfortable enough being around people who are drinking alcohol. I look for an alcohol free drink to hold in my hand during conversation that can ease some of that discomfort. 

Drinking water becomes monotonous and boring, and most other drinks are too high in sugar or sugar alternatives. I yearn for something more flavorful and robust, a drink that would encourage me to hold and sip during conversations rather than swill down and look for a refill. It seems that I am not alone.

Sober is becoming quite trendy recently and alcohol consumption has been on a gradual decline lately in the United States and Europe. Not only have some of the major bars and nightclubs been adding alcohol free options to the menu, but entirely sober-bars have been cropping up in some of the major metropolitan areas. 

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