April 8, 2022 – “Trying to be a positive influence and role model now on everyone that’s wanting and willing to make changes,” Borel said. “The hardest part for me was realizing I had a problem so I started expressing myself through my poetry and it’s a much easier way to bring it out.”

He says the 12 Step Program and a new faith have helped him.

“You have to be willing to change yourself, that’s the only way you can change yourself,” Borel said. “Now these programs can give you structure, and help you grow in your changes, but you still have to be willing to make that change. And rock bottom did it for me. I don’t have anything out there I don’t have anything to go to. I am 44 years old. I need to build my life from scratch. I almost wanted to believe it was too late.”

Meth has stolen everything from Borel, he’s accepted his decisions and now hopes his poetry will inspire change.


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