Taking The Right Steps –

Sept. 8, 2019 – She explained: “At first it was just to de-stress after a hard day. I’d have a glass of wine after work in the evening. “That was the start of it all. I felt relief after drinking, so I’d do the same thing night after night.” Her drinking then went from one glass to one bottle every day, and she would ‘binge out completely’ on weekends.

Charlie-Jane, who now lives in Pontyclun, said she soon began sneaking wine into the family home where she stayed with her mum, step-dad and three brothers. She would pretend she was tired and needed to go to bed but carried on drinking in her bedroom. She said she started to ‘lose her mind’ when she developed suicidal thoughts. “There was a massive lake outside my work, and during that time virtually every day I would walk there and think ‘I could just jump in and never come back up’,” she added. “I was too cowardly to just end my life. I was willing to let the alcohol do it long-term for me.”

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