Feb. 14, 2021- And then in college, I drank so much, I drank everything and from much earlier it was all about alcohol.

“It’s not trouble, but it’s not funny either. There’s compassion for myself because I hadn’t a clue. I hadn’t a clue how to be in the world, I hadn’t a clue how to manage my own feelings, I hadn’t a clue how to manage relationships, I was just lost.”

The Watermelon writer explained that she drank at such extremities because it helped her feel normal.

“So, when I started drinking I thought this is the thing I need, this is what is going to help me get through the world like the rest of them. “Suddenly I could be normal, I could be like the rest of them, I found my crutch, my insulin, whatever the bit that was missing in me I found it now.

“So it was huge relief. And so it stayed the most important relationship of my life until I had no choice but to stop,” she said.



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