Use your head! –

May 24, 2020 – Every day I went out I would say, “today I can drink as late as I want because when I use cocaine the effect wears off. Let’s go find some”.

‘I was never at home, it was just parties and drinking. There were times I wouldn’t go a single day without taking cocaine.

‘I started to get fat through the drink, I picked up a knee injury and I couldn’t run. All that as well as the coke. So I said, “that’s it”. I gave up football for good.’

The former centre back is now 36 and has since shaken off his drug habit and in major signs he is turning his life around, he recently returned to the game with stints at Taboão da Serra and Portuguesa. 

He is also working as a gardener in Sao Paolo as he reflects on how his career dwindled after becoming a world champion, and says if he could turn back time he would never have used cocaine. 

‘My biggest regret is having tried cocaine. It destroyed me.’



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