Taming Temptation –

July 15, 2019 – “It’s hard to get pain medicine because most doctors are fairly strict about it now, so when you have that addiction being a nurse, it is right there and it is a temptation,” Martin said. She eventually figured out that she could easily sneak Dilaudid out of the medicine dispensing machines at the hospital. She could type in a patient’s name, and even if they weren’t prescribed the drug, the dispensing drawer would pop open with the drug readily available. “So, I wasn’t taking the medication from the patients, but my supervisor figured that out. She saw me and she knew that the patients I had were not on narcotics like that,” Martin said. She eventually lost her license and ended up in jail, and she’s not alone. “I’ve met a lot of nurses that are in the recovery nurses program or are no longer nurses,” Martin said.

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