As much as you can in a chair – 

Nov. 26, 2020 – 

  • Children should get at least 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity and on at least three days a week get vigorous aerobic activities, including those that strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Healthy adults ages 18 to 64 should get at least 150–300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or at least 75–150 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. At least two days per week of muscle strengthening activity can confer additional health benefits.
  • Healthy adults ages 65 and over had the same recommendations as those ages 18 to 64. Additional physical activity on at least three days a week that emphasizes balance and strength training can help prevent falls.
  • Pregnant and postpartum woman should get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity.
  • Adults and children with disabilities or chronic conditions had the same recommendations as otherwise healthy adults and children.



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