March 25, 2022 – And it’s legal in Mississippi. Officials discussed the drug at Friday’s Mississippi State Medical Association COVID-19 briefing.

“We’ve been seeing it probably the last five years, but a trickle,” said Dr. Daniel Edney, deputy state health officer. “Every once in a while, somebody would come in, you know, on ZaZa, ZaZa Red or Super T … And usually what’s happened is they were in the gas station. You’ve got the shelf that’s got kratom and ZaZa Red on it … and they may have heard enough about kratom that they want to stay away from it, but hey, this is something that is an antidepressant.”

“And the gas station guy says, ‘Yeah, it will help your pain or depression or whatever,’ so they’ll choose that and, as you know, in good addiction form, instead of taking one a day … they’re coming in taking three bottles a day.”


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