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Nov. 15, 2019 – She told MailOnline: ‘All I could think about was drink. I’d go to work and even though I’d finish at about 2pm, I’d make excuses to go home early.

‘Rose was my favourite and I’d go to the shop – often with a back full of coins which I’d scraped together – and buy three bottles for £10. ‘I’d raid my mum’s Christmas drinks stash and just take anything – rum, vodka, Baileys.’ Ms Coombes said that she became an alcoholic at 17 to deal with the pain of an abortion. For the most part she would drink two bottles of wine a day, but at her worst it could top four bottles. 

The drinking made her ratty at work and led to her walking of her job as a carer after a furious row with her manager. This escalated her booze problem and she would begin her daily drinking from breakfast.  Although the mother thought she was hiding her addiction, it was plain to her close friends and family who stopped leaving their children with her.

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