What’s in a Name? –

March 10, 2019 –  I’ve seen firsthand the work that Ivan has done through 365 consecutive days to get himself to this HUGE milestone. I’ve seen the amazing, positive changes in him over this past year that have gotten closer and closer to the man we all knew he could be. I’m proud of you, my friend. As are countless people you have inspired along the way. Keep that shit up! #ShitYesSon #SoberAsF*ck #PresentAsF*ck #IvanAsF*ck”

Last September, Moody opened up about his struggles with alcohol addiction during an interview with the WEBN radio station. The singer admitted that he was “back and forth for a while; I’d do three months, then relapse.” He added: “Recovery, you have to be committed; it’s an honest program, and I wasn’t being honest with myself at the time. I’m very, very proud of the progress I’ve made.”

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