My House is Now a Multiplex – 

April 21, 2020 – The idea for the shorts came from the festival’s artistic director, Orestis Andreadakis. After chancing upon an essay he had at home by the French author Georges Perec, titled “Species of Spaces” — a description of the various spaces in the writer’s life, from the blank page, the bedroom and the staircase, to the street and the city — he invited a number of previous festival attendees to read the essay and make a three-minute film inspired by it. (The directors received a small fee for the project, which was funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture.)

To his surprise, all of the directors he reached out to said yes.

“The stricter the confinement, the wider the need for communication,” Andreadakis said. “No matter where someone comes from, where someone lives, we are sharing the same fears, the same confinement, the same choices, the same rays of hope.”



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