Brain Salad Surgery –

Jan. 2, 2020 – Ryan says that could compel a teen to use gaming as a means of coping that could eventually affect other aspects of their lives. “When your kid starts acting like you don’t know that person and they’re behaving in a way that seems odd or strange or completely out of character.”

“What is this particular behavior, in this case gaming, doing for the person or fulfilling for the person that any other ways they can’t get it,” said Arturo Hernandez. Hernandez is an addiction specialist, he said this change in behavior starts to affect a teenagers brain patterns — making them much more vulnerable than a fully matured adult.

“The main difference is the pre-frontal cortex is not yet developed fully and that’s the part of our brain that helps us control decision making, that helps control the planning, and impulse control.” Hernandez said games with ‘loot boxes’ could have a particular affect on teens if left to their own devices.

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