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Beginnings: Born in Jamaica, New York, grew up in Flushing where Monday through sundown Friday I was not Jewish enough and on weekends visiting cousins I was not quite Black enough, but eventually learned to embrace and embody both

Education: (The streets of NY/LA/Detroit, Schools, Shrines, and Backstabbers) NYU Undergraduate Institute of Film and Television; Madison Avenue; UCLA; Covey-Franklin Leadership Training

Strengths: Married happily 47 years to Liz McNeill, Father of Nigel McNeill, Optimistic, Encouraging, Collaborative, Supportive, Funny, Conceptual, Storytelling, Counseling, Spiritual, Articulate, Coffee Aficionado   

Q. At which of the schools you attended did you learn the most?
A.  NYU Undergraduate Institute of Film and Television

Q. Which film have you watched the most?
A. Sunset Boulevard

Q. Who is your favorite celebrity in recovery?
A. Eric Clapton

Q. If you ever retire, would you prefer to live by the ocean, lake, river, or mountaintop, or penthouse?
A. Ocean

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