Who hasn’t? Raw deal –  

Oct. 22, 2020 –  Now the Democrat, who also goes by “Doc” and who has worked to fight drug abuse in Suffolk County, N.Y., could face up to nine years in prison. Spencer pleaded not guilty Wednesday to felony charges of third-degree sale of a controlled substance and third-degree possession of a controlled substance, Newsday reported. A judge released him without bond after he surrendered his passport and gun. Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini told the newspaper that Spencer “essentially confessed” to the incident. Sini called the incident “obviously troubling” for someone of Spencer’s occupation and noted that an investigation would continue.

“It is extremely disturbing that an individual is engaging in this type of behavior who is a sitting county legislator as well as a medical doctor,” he said. “Someone who has spoken about drug prevention and substance abuse disorder.”  Spencer’s attorney, Mark Goidell, said in a statement to Newsday that his client “dedicated his life to the well-being of the community, his family and his patients. Nothing about these charges diminishes those contributions.”  Yet following a decades-long prescription drug epidemic that has raged nationwide while doctors and pharmaceutical companies have denied responsibility, the charges…



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