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Merry Christmas Edition December 22, 2015       Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 19
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Well Said   VIDEO
             Bernie Sanders Calls Drug Addiction a ‘Disease’ Not a Crime VIDEO      

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said addiction is a “disease not a criminal activity” during a discussion on America’s heroin epidemic during Saturday night’s Democratic debate. The debate took a somber turn when the candidates addressed the high levels of heroin and opioid use across the country. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of heroin-related overdose deaths have quadrupled between 2002 and 2013…On Saturday, Sanders said the epidemic calls for a “radical” change in the approach to addiction in America, saying the health care community needs to “get its act together” when both prescribing opioids and addressing issues of mental health and addiction.CONTINUED @

No Egg Nog AUDIO
Holidays Make It Tough On Alcohol Abusers And Families AUDIO     

Psychology Today suggests those suffering from alcohol abuse and alcoholism should choose their holiday plans wisely, have an escape plan if you get into an uncomfortable situation, and attend extra mutual help meetings to get through the season.

Al-Anon Christmas
Richard E. Grant: Why my father’s alcoholism has made me love Christmas    

“It was so fraught when I was growing up because Christmas Daymeant drunken mayhem on my father’s part by about eight o’clock at night,” he says. “So I have probably hugely overcompensated. The Christmas tree goes up on December 1. I love it.” …Indeed, Grant has come a long way since his bedsit days in Notting Hill, after he had emigrated to London to make his way as an actor. It was a path he chose despite his father’s view of theatre as “basically tights and buggery and wearing make-up”.

Media: Book Review VIDEO
Founder Of AA Said LSD Experience Could Help Addicts Stay Clean VIDEO     

According to a paper called Pass It On, which was published by AA World Services in 1984, the movement was entirely opposed to his views on LSD.”As word of Bill’s activities reached the fellowship, there were inevitable repercussions. Most AAs were violently opposed to his experimenting with a mind-altering substance. LSD was then totally unfamiliar, poorly researched, and entirely experimental – and Bill was taking it,” the report read.


Gifts Not Slips
Christmas and the Alcoholic    

According to a book by Sarah Allen Benton on high-functioning alcoholics – you know the type, outwardly successful, or perhaps you don’t because they are really good at hiding it – US research shows that 60% of alcoholism is genetic yet it has never been medically recognised as a hereditary disease and therefore early diagnosis and treatment is practically non-existent.

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Miracles   AUDIO
They Countered Prison Culture with Meditation, Sobriety & Friendship AUDIO    

Although Fowlie and Blasingame had never seen a lifer granted parole, eventually both men were released from prison.  As they recounted in their StoryCorps interview from September 2015, it was their focus on sobriety, spirituality and the close bond they had with each other that helped turn their lives around from despair to hope.

Surprise VIDEO
Survey reveals new trends in teen drug and alcohol use VIDEO     

“These are some of the lowest numbers we have ever seen,” NIDA Director Dr. Nora D. Volkow told CBS News. “Notable is cigarette smoking — it is lower than we’ve ever seen it. Heroin is at the lowest it’s ever been. For prescription opiates, it’s the lowest we have ever seen. Overall this is very good news.”

Snow Birds
Local legislators pitch way to get tough with sober home industry 

DELRAY BEACH: n a new effort to rein in unsavory players in the largely unregulated sober home industry, two local lawmakers are moving to ban patient brokering, urine testing kickbacks and other dubious practices associated with the county’s booming sober home industry … a Palm Beach Post investigation found earlier this year. The FBI has been investigating. Two sources close to the investigation say indictments are imminent, possibly as early as January.


Viet Nam casualties 58,220, Iraq  4,493
Half a million Americans died from drug overdoses in the past 14 years     

Drug overdoses are killing more people in the US now than ever before.Nearly half a million Americans-499,446 to be precise-died from drug overdoses between 2000 and 2014, data released Dec. 18 by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention shows. In 2014 alone, drug overdoses killed more than 47,000 people-a 7% increase from the previous year-and the most of any year on the CDC’s record.

Weed Wonder Why?
Teen Drinking Continues to Fall     

More American teenagers are just saying no to booze. A new national survey finds that 40% of teens consumed alcohol in 2015, including 22% who did so in the 30 days before they were questioned. The decline in alcohol use extended to binge drinking, which the report defined as “having five or more drinks in a row on one or more occasions in the prior two weeks.”

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May The Sobriety Be With You
A Drug Rehab Mogul Built an Empire That’s Now Being Probed by the FBI, DA and State of California     

The Blue Shield investigation found “strong evidence that suggests [Community Recovery] is engaged in a large-scale fraudulent scheme by recruiting a vulnerable population into its substance-abuse treatment operation by offering financial incentives, including free addiction treatment, room and board and the prospect of employment.”… In a statement to Blue Shield obtained by the Weekly, another young woman, who entered Community Recovery in February 2014, claims Bathum gave her money, alcohol and drugs in exchange for sex. “Chris would occasionally perform hypnotism on me,” the woman writes. “This specific time he was telling me how this was all part of my treatment…



2016 Experience, Strength & Hope Awards – Honoring MACKENZIE PHILLIPS

Ed Begley Jr. HOST
Alonzo Bodden HEADLINER 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016   

Skirball Cultural Center
2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049   
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Catered Networking Reception: 5:30-7:30 
Show: 7:30-9:00 

Truth Be Told
Former cable network anchor/host adds another title to her resume – Addict in Recovery VIDEO     

Dhue said, “I struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for the better part of 17 or 18 years. And it’s interesting, as my TV career was going up and up, my addiction was also going up. And so people look at me and say, ‘You’re an addict? You had your own show on the number-1 cable network in the country.'”

First Step Taken
Missing VFX Producer Eric Kohler Breaks His Silence: “I Am an Addict”     

Eric Kohler, who was missing for more than a week, explains the circumstances that led to his disappearance and calls the unexpected support from friends, family, co-workers and strangers a “miracle.” “My name is Eric Kohler and I am an addict,” his post reads. “Through a state of exhaustion fueled by the stress and high expectations that were put on me, and the life I chose, my addiction escalated and I mentally snapped. This emotional and physical breakdown caused me to desert the people I care for and most importantly care for me.”

Unclear On The Concept
Drink-driver led police on 80mph chase after attending AA meeting     

After being pulled over she waited until an officer leaned into her window – and then sped off. The mother-of-one hit speeds of 80mph in 40mph zones and 60mph in residential areas as she led police on a six-minute chase at 2:10am … Patch, of Moseley, said she had downed vodka after becoming stressed at the counseling session to help tackle her alcoholism.

Who Owns the Info … Controls the Info
Industry funds six times more clinical trials than feds…    

The drug and device industry now funds six times more clinical trials than the federal government … That means companies with financial interests in the studies now have more control over what doctors and patients learn about new treatments.

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The American Dream? NOT
Heroin Belt binds affluent, largely white suburbs in Southern California    

A group of parents that goes by the name Not One More put up the tree. Each ornament contains a photograph, of each of 70-plus teenagers and young adults. Each kid is white, and each died from overdoses of heroin or prescription painkillers.


February 16th in Los Angeles…

Easier, Softer Way?
Appetite-Regulating Hormones May Block Alcohol Cravings    

“In our lab, we have been studying the effects of appetite-regulating hormones on alcohol use, because the patterns of craving and urges are very similar. When people crave sugar and food, the responses they show on craving scales are very similar to what we see in alcohol use disorders.”

Quality Not Quantity
Lifestyle Choices That Can Shorten Your Life    

3. Drinking Too Much –  Kicking back a few beers at the bar may be OK every now and then, but chronic heavy drinking is not good for your body. Drinking too much has been linked cirrhosis of the liver and a host of other diseases. Some of the diseases connected to heavy drinking include heart disease, immune system breakdown, increased cancer risk, and pancreatitis…


Florida Vacation That Lasts Forever

What sober home did wrong before Ryan Pekar’s overdose death     

The details surrounding Ryan Pekar’s 2014 death in one of Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman’s sober homes unregulated sober home industry reveal practices experts say should be avoided to help people safely recover from addiction. The home in suburban Boynton Beach was coed. Pekar shared a room with his girlfriend … In California, where coed homes are more common, men and women are required to have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, and overnight visits by a girlfriend or boyfriend aren’t allowed, said Dave Sheridan, president of the National Association of Recovery Residences.


Brave New World … of Treatment VIDEO
FDA Closer To Decision On Approving Implant Treatment For Drug Addiction VIDEO     

An implant could be the newest weapon in the fight against the growing epidemic of drug addiction, which is now a problem in neighborhoods everywhere. The Probuphine implant is currently being reviewed by the FDA and was tested here in the Philadelphia area. Experts say it could be an important alternative to current treatments that are used to help people beat drug addictions.

Miracle Drug On Hold
WKYT Investigates: New drug treatment facility … will not use Suboxone     

“Eventually, you don’t get high anymore. You’re just trying not to be sick,” he said about his past life. He’s excited about the opportunities for continued therapy through LifeCore Recovery. Mongiardo is also marking success by leaving out Suboxone, a popular — but controversial — treatment drug for opioid abuse.  “It is a street drug,” he said. “It has a street value and we as physicians are writing it at an alarming pace.”

Obituary VIDEO
Farewell My Friend Adam Roth  VIDEO 

Adam died on December 16, 2015, at the Manhattan home of his mother Caroline and father Arnold, the cartoonist. He was, as the obituary phrase would have it, surrounded by family and friends, and was borne into the next world on a tidal wave of love, the likes of which I have never witnessed. I was so pleased to call him my friend. I lost track of Adam in the late ’80s. We weren’t swimming in the same pond. My street life was in faded bloom; I chased drinks and I chased drugs, while Adam, it turned out, was getting sober.

AA in the UK 3:09 minutes
Lazarus Odom?
Lamar Odom Walks For First Time Since Overdose!     

The basketball star had not been able to move without the aid a walker since the day he overdosed in a Vegas brothel earlier this fall. Until Thursday, when Lamar ditched the walker and took three steps, shocking the doctors working with him on his physical therapy. Furthermore, he has a limited range of motion in his hands, but he was able to make a small, yet significant, stride in that area as well. During a recent visit from wife Khloe Kardashian…

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Canadian Wildness
Inside the Manic Life and Work of Rob Ford’s Sobriety Coach     

While Alcoholics Anonymous is the most well-known method of recovery for addicts, unconventional recovery coaches like Bob Marier have split from the pack to work inside of a non-religious, non-anonymous, much more controversial space. Marier is most famous for his work helping the former crack-smoking and heavy-drinking mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, get clean. In our documentary Rob Ford’s Sobriety Coach: Inside the Manic Life and Work of Bob Marier, we spent time with Marier to get an inside look at his unique process. CONTINUED @ 


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