July 2, 2021 – On YouTube, Cheryl told viewers that rather then check into rehab or participate in a 12-step program she quit drinking nearly three years ago with the support of her long-time therapist. I needed help, I knew that if I didn’t take that step forward to be a part of Alcoholics Anonymous, I don’t know … I don’t know if I’d be sitting here today with you,’ she told GMA.

Adding: ‘The thought of having to be with a new group of strangers in a way really ate me alive. But I’ve realized that I needed to be able to hear other people’s stories, other people who struggle with alcoholism and addiction.’ Her decision to be so candid with the struggle is due in part to finding strength in not feeling like she is dealing with her addiction alone. 

‘It is extremely powerful to be able to confess and to do so before anything, God forbid I relapse,’ Burke told the morning show. ‘But I just needed something more to help me feel like I’m not alone.’ 

The professional dancer first decided to ditch booze after her engagement party back in 2018. It was a recent trip to Hawaii with her husband, actor Matthew Lawrence, that ‘triggered’ her desire to drink.

‘I think us being in Hawaii, you know, just that carefree like feeling of being under the sun, my husband may have had a glass of champagne [and] my senses have come back even stronger ever since I decided to stop drinking,’ she revealed on YouTube…


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