March 24, 2021 – Now, they’re ready to take their efforts a step further by creating a structured sober living facility in Southern California that’s equipped with a “community of retail and restaurant employment opportunities,” Schneidman told Fox News. 

It will be geared toward anyone who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. The caveat? They have to be willing to do the work to turn their life around, he said. 

“This structured sober living that I went through taught me how to become a man,” Schneidman said. “And that’s what I want to share with people that are like me.”

The upper part of the facility, where he hopes to house roughly 12 people who are struggling with addiction, will be centered around recovery, he said. Each day will be structured and include activities “conducive to sobriety,” from in-house meetings, outside meetings, outside therapy sessions to yoga retreats. 



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