August 17, 2021 –  A lot of hard work has gone into maintaining that sobriety for more than three decades, a process that Captain Sandy has been open about on Below Deck Med and social media. For instance, she shared on Twitter earlier this month that she was attending an AA meeting that day. “It is so important to feed your soul and stay strong!” Captain Sandy added in the August 5 tweet.  “The fact that I have been able to stay clean one day at a time for 33 years is because I keep doing the work and showing up for my life, which feels incredible,” Captain Sandy told The Daily Dish. “It’s such an accomplishment to look back on my life and see how I used to be and where I am today. It’s a miracle.”

One of the things that keeps Captain Sandy motivated is the desire “to help and teach others,” she said. She recently did just that, encouraging her social media followers to take part in Dry July and refrain from drinking alcohol for all 31 days of the month this summer. “As more people are out enjoying summer fun, we want to promote #SafetyFirst while on the water and land. #StayHydrated with Non-Alcoholic drinks,” Captain Sandy kicked off the initiative on Twitter on July 1. “As I always say, #SoberIsSexy!” Captain Sandy told The Daily Dish that she started the social media campaign because “so many people desperately need hope.” “Especially during the pandemic, many people have turned to alcohol and drugs, and it’s heartbreaking to see. I have a gift that I have to share with others. That’s how I keep my gift, by giving it away and sharing with others,” she shared. “This platform has been given to me, so why not use it to give people hope and encourage them?”


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