All Creatures Great and Small – 

August 11, 2019 – Celebrities such as Ashley Graham, Jameela Jamil and Ashley Tisdale have all spoken out on the toxicity that emerges when your body is in the public eye and under scrutiny all the time. “Why don’t you put on some weight?” “This dress would have looked great on you if you had lost some kilos.” “Your hair is too thin for this cut.” “This colour doesn’t suit your dark complexion.” We have all heard such comments. And if you have had such toxicity directed at you, you have been a victim of body-shaming.  Body-shaming is suggesting that someone’s body isn’t good enough, and they cannot be satisfied or comfortable with its current proportions or appearance. Without realising how rude and disrespectful we are being, many among us constantly body-shame others destroying the confidence of the person who is the target of these unkind remarks.  Negative commentary on people’s appearance not only hurts their feelings, it has the potential to affect their physical and psychological health as well.

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