WHY? HOW? WHY? –  

April 30, 2022 – “This behavior is not something we condone, and we will continue to assist Milpitas PD with their investigation,” Mata said.

“We need to be mindful of the fact that we are not immune to issues that plague society, in this case substance abuse. As humans we are not perfect, and mistakes will be made. Officer wellness is paramount and a priority at the agency,” Mata said, adding that police officers deal with or are exposed to trauma at a higher rate than the average citizen.

“Any allegation of illegal drug use by a San Jose Police Officer is concerning. There are no free passes for police Officers, and we will not make excuses,” he said.

“The public demands and I expect ethical behavior, accountability and professionalism from all who wear the uniform. I will continue to ensure we keep the trust of the City, and the community members we serve,” Mata wrote.

Mata said the department has scheduled substance abuse prevention skills training for its personnel, “not just for themselves, but also for recognizing the signs for those around us, and how to get help,”

“We will not waiver from keeping our Officers well, not just physically but emotionally,” he said.

By former accounts of the police department, Packer was thriving as a new officer. He graduated from the police academy in February 2021.


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