Found the right match! Sobriety! –

July 20, 2020 – These are not the types of things that a person could marshal on their behalf if they hadn’t really taken the steps to turn their life around … tangible evidence, concrete steps that he’s taken. He’s had goals, he’s achieved those goals, he’s moved onto new goals, and moved forward.

“His number one goal is supporting his daughter, and tied into that is maintaining sobriety,” says Lynskey. 

Lynskey also presented to Judge Wilson the assertion that, although Hanson pleaded guilty to setting the fire, the act was not defined by the same level of intentionality found in previous cases presented to the court by Crown.

Hanson, who was highly intoxicated at the time of the offence, did not bring a gas can onto the property with him and can be seen on surveillance footage checking car door handles and rummaging through the fridge, which Lynskey suggested implies he was more concerned with finding things to steal. 

“There’s no planning or deliberation. The materials for this fire are found at the scene. This was drug-motivated behaviour. There’s no financial motive here, there’s not a targeted or revenge motive.”



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