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May 26, 2020 – “Now, more and more people are opting for either home care or telemedicine where they’re not going to be exposed to other people, and they’re able to get care on their schedule in a way that’s not putting themselves at risk.”

Treatment centers have “seen a decline” amid the pandemic, according to Malkin, because people are reluctant to go where “they’ll be in contact with other people.”

“The home detox business has definitely picked up and people reaching out for virtual care has seen a dramatic increase,” he states. While he gets inquiries from people across the addiction spectrum, right now, Malkin is commonly seeing two scenarios play out. “[People] who are really in acute withdrawal because they’ve been drinking for weeks and weeks and need a detox,” he says, or people who have had a ‘minor relapse’ and ‘need to nip it in the bud.’”



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