March 2, 2021 – “Just for anonymity purposes,” Steve explained. “It’s our AA tradition.”

Steve says the last year has been rough for recovering alcoholics, and not just because of the stress of living through a pandemic. Not being able to see supportive AA members in person has been particularly hard.

“You lose some of that connection online and it’s so important, especially for people who are just finding their way in recovery,” Steve said.  

Face-to-face meetings are starting to open back up again as COVID-19 restrictions ease. According to Steve, more people are seeking help too because some have crossed that line between drinker to alcoholic during the pandemic.

“There is absolutely going to be an influx,” Steve said. “It’s happening already and it will continue to happen.”

He says it’s a great thing if they do see membership of the nonprofit rise because that’s the most important step in recovery.



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