Another Heartbreaking Loss –

Nov 14, 2018 – “Jeremiah was just a great example like he is somebody I needed in my life and he was also laughing and joking around and he would freestyle rap and like sing and break dance. He could just … everybody loved the dude,” he said. Jackson had been clean for more than four years and shared his heroin addiction story with Newschannel 5 in December 2017. While working at AAC, Jackson attended a separate recovery program. He was clean for more than four years but last weekend sadly died from an overdose. Cindy Spelta, has worked at Cumberland Heights helping others with their drug and alcohol addictions for more than 15 years. She said people in her field may sometimes need even more help than those they are treating. She said she has been sober from cocaine usage and alcohol for 17 years and also participates in a recovery program. Spelta said Jackson’s passing is devastating and is possibly an example of what professionals call “compassion fatigue.”

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