School days are over… –  

Sep. 21, 2020 – In lieu of COVID-19, Vertava Health now offers virtual care programs that allow patients to receive treatment online. Vertava Health offers personalized virtual treatment services with the goal of achieving effective, long-term recovery. Virtual care is on-demand at varying levels that suits each patient’s needs. It is accessible, confidential and convenient. Virtual care patients still have access to expert health professionals, proven treatments and evidence-based care.

Patients who have undergone treatment at Vertava Health speak positively of their experience. Kaityln D. says in a testimonial proudly featured on the Vertava Health website, “Today, I am no longer a victim but a person in recovery. It is a beautiful feeling to know I am still alive today and my journey in sobriety has just begun. The true turning point in my life started when I walked through the doors of Vertava Health.”



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